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Ordering With Memorial Care Wirral

memorial-care-wirralAt Memorial Care, we understand that ordering a memorial is a very difficult and emotional task; therefore we always aim to offer as much help as we can.

When ordering a memorial stone it always helps to first have some ideas as to what sort of memorial will be a fitting tribute.


You can request a brochure pack online simply by filling in our simple BROCHURE REQUEST form.

SkipseaOnce you have decided on a memorial stone, you can either call into our showroom to place the order or maybe you would like us to come to your home to help you fill in the order form.

Usually within a week of the memorial stone being ordered, a printout will be sent to you for your approval, showing the general layout and lettering styles.

It is at this stage it is possible to make changes to your wording and layout.

Shooting starsAfter the printout has been approved and we have taken delivery of the memorial stone, we will then letter and design the memorial and subsequently invite you and your family to visit our showroom to view the finished memorial. It is at this stage that the final balance on the memorial will become due.

Once the memorial stone has been viewed and any balance remaining has been settled, we will then arrange for the memorial stone to be placed in the cemetery *

* We aim to fit all of our memorials within 7 working days of any balances being paid/memorials being viewed. However certain circumstances can occasionally delay the fitting of the memorial, you will be advised at the time if there is to be a delay.

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