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Memorial Care Wirral - New Memorials

When ordering a new memorial, you can always be assured of excellent workmanship and superior quality materials.

Memorial stones are made from a variety of materials and colours, however the burial authority may not allow certain types and/or colours, but we will advise you of this when placing the order.

When choosing a memorial, it is important to keep in mind how much lettering space is needed for the inscription of your choice and any further inscriptions in the future.

On polished granite there is a very wide choice of designs to choose from, be it a richly carved design or maybe an etching into the face of the stone.

When enquiring about a particular stone on our website simply note down the name of the stone and our staff will be only too happy to advise.

Kerb Type Memorials

We also supply a wide range of kerb type memorials that cover the entire length of the grave often incorporating coloured glass chippings in the centre and maybe a vase.

However more and more authorities do not allow this type of memorial as it can hinder the grass cutting. It is always worth checking with us whether this type of memorial is allowed.

Bespoke Memorials

At Memorial Care we offer a bespoke memorial service, where the customer can design there own memorial shape and design, memorials made specially usually take a little longer (usually 12-16 weeks)

Inscription Layout

At Memorial Care we usually design the layout of the wording and design and produce a printout of the stone in order for the family to visualise the finished memorial.

Also we inscribe the grave details in small letters usually on the base of the memorial in keeping with the burial authority’s regulations as well as our trade name above it.

When ordering the memorial it is not always necessary to have the final inscription ready for us at time of ordering as we can help you with the layout later.

Please CLICK HERE to View are typical examples of inscription layouts

If you have any questions regarding choosing a memorial please do not hesitate to CONTACT US